Welcome to Iriomote island,Japan’s last secret place! We offer various outdoor such as kayaking,jungle trekking, canyoning etc…

About Us

About Us

Hello! We are Iriomote Pororoca. We promise to do safe and enjoynable tours! Why don’t you come with us, and explore the wilderness of Iriomotejima, the last secret of Japan.


「Smile!」is the theme of tour company!

With tour theme of “smile”, we are offering a tour that you can enjoy from morning till evening, get healed and be strong. “Smile” has a magical power. When I see a lot of people’s smiles, I can smile, become bright, and “Smile” picks me up. The nature of Iriomote island makes people smile first, and then people who smile makes another person smile again. Everyone will be happy if this chain of smiles happens on a global scale.

While thinking about such things, I would like to start with you as I touch the nature of Iriomote Island.

What is “Pororoca”?

“Pororoca” is a tidal current flowing backwards through the Amazon River. It is a phenomenon occurring at the time of the spring tide of twice a month, especially in the March during the rainy season, it rushes over the mouth of the Amazon River as a wave of about 5 m high. This big wave swallows the flow of the river, flows backward at a speed of 65 km / h, and it reaches to the inside of 800 km. (reference from Wikipedia)

The reason why I named “Pororoca” to my company name is, firstly I was interested in Amazon River. Secondly it is because the tidal current also flows backwards in Iriomote island like Amazon River. ( althought it is not as big as Amazon River’s tidal current. ). Then last reason is, because the time of company establishment was just after the Lehman shock, I think that I will try hard to face up against such a bad flow like such a global recession.

OK! that is the reason why I named “POROROCA”, Please come to Iriomote island and Visit Us!

Introduction of a tour guide


I am the representative of Iriomote Pororoca and only tour guide “Ryusuke Matsushita”. Please call me “Ma-cchan”!!
When I was looking for something nice warm island, I reached this island when I was 25 years old! Iriomote island with ocean, mountain and river is really an ideal place for me. Here Iriomote island is full of various rare creatures including Iriomote cat, a ,national special natural monument. I think that I would like to guide this special island with the theme of “smile”.

Please do not hesitate to contact us anything!
▶︎Birthplace: Hyogo Pref.
▶︎Born in September 1978
▶︎Love soccer
▶︎Love fishing
Certification etc.
▶︎OMSB Lifesaver
▶︎First class boat’s operator license
▶︎OKCA Kayak Guide
▶︎Iriomote Canoe Association
▶︎Okinawa Kayak・Canoe Association
▶︎Taketomi Town Tourism Association

Shop information

【Company name】 Iriomote Pororoca
【Owner】 Ryusuke Matsushita
【Address】 10-87Uehara,Taketomi-cho,Yaeyama-gun,Okinawa 9071541 Japan
【TEL】 090-2701-9467
【Mail】 info@ip-outdoor.net
【URL】 www.ip-outdoor.net
【Contents】 Kayaking&trekking guide
【Open hours】 8am~9pm (Japan time)